qSong is written in C++ with Qt4 library. It uses SQlite3 as a database backend so it is easy to acces the song database in standard way by 3rd party SQL tools through database intercaces as ODCB or JDBC.

Currenly is qSong avaliable as

Primary purpose of this software is to help churches and worship leaders to build their song database, help them to prepare rehearsal, manage song sopyrights,easily share songs with others through internet (the whole database is one SQL data file), spimly take care about the whole stuff around song data. It can also setve as general purpose lyrics database for musicians and people that work with such data.

The project also wish to start and support cooperation of people somehow connected with music, especialy worship music.

Project status:

qSong project is currently in beta and it is not indendet for everyday use. But you are welcome to download latest release, test it and send me your feedback. Volunteer help is also needed, we need developers in Qt4, webmasters, graphics and testers. If you would like to help, write an email to dhladek at sourceforge.net



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